Saturday, September 19, 2009

Egg Muffins

In my quest to make breakfast more streamlined ('cause I'm NOT a morning person!) I've been scouring the Internet looking for easy, freezable meals that I can make a big batch of at one time.

I stumbled onto Kalyn'sKitchen. She posts low carb recipes. She had a fabulous recipe for egg muffins.

My first batch didn't turn out quite as pretty as hers did, but they were mouth watering! I added my own little tweaks to the recipe, and made a few mistakes. The first batch, I decided that to save time, and dirty dishes, I would just mix all of my veggies, meat and cheese in the egg "batter". WRONG! Even after stirring, everything settled in the bottom. I layered the second layer like she suggested, and every bit had veggies and meat. I also used my own seasoning blend of minced garlic and onion. My next batch I'm going to add a splash of salsa and some olives.

You can play with this recipe. Use different meats and cheeses, or veggies. They freeze beautifully and were even better the next day. Reheat them in the microwave (thawed) for about a minute.

I'm even thinking of trying a sweet version using bits of bread, raisins and cinnamon and syrup in the egg batter.

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